Welcome to the website of Cookies and Dough Emporium. My name is Caridad and I will tell you all about my business venture. I am the founder of Cookies and Dough Emporium and we serve lunches to expats, and we do party catering. I run this business with two other colleagues and together we create delicious food. Our party catering hosting birthdays, baby showers, cocktail hours, and wedding receptions. Since a few years, I start to use social media and post our foods. With this we receive many positive feed back from people all over the world. But there came also questions like, do you blog or share recipes? No I didn’t. There was a whole new venture waiting for me, that I had no knowledge of. I had to see what this is all about and how do I reveal my own recipes and demonstrate other recipes?


Cookies and Dough

My passion for baking has started at an early age. Living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, life is about bakeries, pastry shops and lunch rooms. These three shops have one thing in common! They sell and serve Dutch apple pie! Some places are well known for their apple pies and other bakings. When customers wait outside in line for your bakings, you know you are good at it! I don’t run a shop yet, but when people have a party, they always asking for my apple pies. So I know in years of experience, I am confident to say people like my pies. Back in the days when I did groceries with my parents, we always stopped at a coffeehouse. They had the best apple pie in town! Their pies were high, delicious Vienna dough crust and mixed raisins with apples. When we ordered apple pie, it always came with a huge mountain of sweet whipped cream. Unfortunately this shop doesn’t exist anymore. The lady who was the great apple pie baker did this for over 30 years. She did inspire me to bake apple pies and until today I am still thankful for this.



Dutch apple pie bars – apple schnitt


Recipes & Blogging


About our recipes and blogging, we do reveal our recipes from baking to creating party food. For some recipes we are using our own spices and special ingredients. We will translate this in our recipes an easier way. For example, we use non GMO pastry flour for our recipes, some countries do not have this product in stores. Also our apple pies contains our own blended 7 spice seasoning mix. This is a product we have created ourselves and in the future there will be an option to order this from our website.

Some of our recipes are on our recipe page. We have an easy search tool installed, which makes it easier to find a recipe. There are also recipes written in blog style. The difference is, these recipes have more explanation with more pictures. This makes it easier to understand a recipe. If you have questions or suggestions, please leave a comment in our comment section of the recipe.

We do promote our recipes, party catering and lunch food on social media. It would be nice to see you and connect with you on one of our social media accounts.

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