Cake pastry blog recipes

Cake pastry blog recipes

In our Cake pastry blog recipes category, you can find our best cake and pastry blog recipes. Our cake and pastry recipes come with full instructions and pictures. Our recipe archive has European baking recipes. We have baked these recipes over the years for our customers! Our party catering service bakes European cakes, marzipan cakes and pound cakes. We have also alot of other European pastry recipes in our archives.

Some of our cake and pastry recipes are our own and some are existing recipes of others. When we blog about other recipes, we do refer to the origin of the recipe or creator. For request about recipes or instructions, please contact us. We keep developing recipes and testing other recipes all the time. Our recipes are also the recipes that appear on our menu list for catering service. See more of our images on our Pinterest and Google plus account.


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