Authentic homemade dutch fries

second round deepfry dutch fries

Authentic homemade Dutch fries

Authentic homemade Dutch fries is hard to find in the world. Every country in the world have fries and everyone are calling them French fries. French fries are small and long fries called Julliene style. The origin of this snack is in the Benelux. Both countries like Belgium and The Netherlands have fries. Who was first? That is still a debate between both countries. The first fries came around 1680 and Belgium existed since 1830. We have the answer here! Fries in Belgium are bigger and called Flemish fries. They come in big point bags and the Dutch are more regular size. the difference is, they both are great! Only the Dutch bake them in soy oil or sunflower oil. As a Dutchie, these Flemish fries taste a little weird to me. That’s because they fry them in another type of fat.


Fresh cut potatoes Dutch fries ready to deepfry on low temperature first


The real fries secret

Online you see many videos and recipes about how to make French fries! What you see is, peeled potatoes, cut them in fries size and deepfry! This looks very simple, but this is not how you make fries! First of all, you cannot use every potatoe for this recipe. For Authentic homemade Dutch fries or any other fries, you need potatoes with alot of starch! Check online which potatoe in your country has alot of starch. When you peel and cut them in fries, you are not ready to deepfry!


First round deepfried Dutch fries on low temperature


Say goodbye to potatoe starch!

Unfortunately your fries are not ready to deepfry. Use a bucket with cold water and put all your fries in there for atleast 6 hours! What I do is, peel in the evening, store my fries in a bucket full with water and put them outside until next day! The starch is gone! There might be some questions now why not using potatoes with less starch? Well you can’t because these type of potatoes are not floury inside!  Real fries should be crispy outside and floury inside! When you have the best type of potatoe, you will taste the difference. The only thing what you have to do is, dry your fries with kitchen towel and deepfry every batch two times! See our recipe for how to make Authentic homemade Dutch fries!

Second round batch Dutch fries deepfried on high temperature


Dutch or Belgian fries always come with condiments. the most common is fries sauce ( Mayonnaise). This type of mayonnaise is different than regular mayonnaise. It is creamier and has less fat. There are so many combinations with fries sauce, ketchup, onions, curry and satay sauce. There is too many to mention them all. If you have questions about authentic homemade dutch fries. please drop a comment. Enjoy frying Dutch fries!


Authentic homemade dutch fries

15 minPrep Time

8 minCook Time

23 minTotal Time

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  • 10 lbs high starch potatoes
  • Coarse salt or season all
  • 1 gallon sunflower or soy oil
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  1. Peel 10 lbs extra or high starch potatoes and cut them in fries shape.
  2. Use a bucket with water and put the fries in there for at least 6 hours or overnight.
  3. There are a lot of fries and dry them per batch. (Make 6 to 8 batches)
  4. When the fries are dried, pre heat your deepfrying pan on 340 degrees Fahrenheit
  5. Deepfry every batch on 340 degrees/ 150 celsius for 5 minutes.
  6. When your batch is ready, you can cool it off until room temperature. Deepfreeze per batch in a Ziploc bag and put the date of production on the bag or deepfry a second round for use.
  7. When you decide to eat it, you need to deepfry your batch for the second time!
  8. Pre heat your deepfry pan on 355 fahrenheit/ 180 celsius for 3 minutes.
  9. Put your second round batch of fries in a colander with kitchen towel and season your fries with coarse salt or season all. Your homemade fries are ready to eat.


Prep time and cooking time are without the time when you put your fries in a bucket of water. Serve your fries with condiments like: Mayonnaise, Ketchup. Soon we will drop recipes for more common condiments for homemade fries. ** Use high starch or extra starch of potatoes for this recipe.



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