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A couple of followers on social media have asked us if we can put more attention to healthy food and drinks! We do test whey protein for shakes and pancakes from time to time. Blackberry vanilla protein shake will be our first protein blog. Over the years we have worked and tested a couple of whey proteins. When whey protein comes with flavor, we have noticed, our shakes became very sweet! So for this recipe we are using organic and GMO free protein powder, soy milk and/or yoghurt.

In this blog I am going to show you how easy this healthy drink is! You only need a blender, whey protein, blackberries, soy milk, organic yoghurt and ice cubes! When you blend this on high speed you will have a good meal replacement recipe.

Whey protein

Like I have said earlier. To find a good brand of whey protein is difficult. Protein might be good for you, but then you deal with sugar. Not a real good idea when you want to lose weight or have diabetes. That’s why I like to make these protein shakes with GMO free protein and soy or almond milk. Organic is another important factor, because these powders doesn’t contain sugar that much! Vanilla is the most neutral flavor and is good in combination with fresh fruits.

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Blender blackberry whey protein shake

When I am making a shake for in the morning, I am using my blender. This is the easiest tool for making protein shakes! If I may give you one tip, always start with ice cubes! Blender Ice cubes take longer time than blending all the other ingredients! The liquid part comes from dairy, almond milk or soy milk. For this recipe I am using GMO free soy milk. Low fat yoghurt is another option. When you mix all ingredients on high speed, yoghurt start to emulsify. This will make a protein shake smooth and creamy. You will get the same effect with soy milk as well.

Glass ofprotein shakes with fresh blackberries

More protein shakes recipes

Our next whey protein recipe will be with more tropical fruits. Get your melon, mango, peach and coconuts ready! This shake will taste more like a good Caribbean cocktail. When you like to make this protein shake, tag us on Instagram #cookiesanddoughemporium. You can use also #FoodEmporium. You can see on our Pinterest more protein shake recipes and inspiration. Enjoy happy and healthy life!

1 shake

Blackberry vanilla protein shake

Healthy weight loss protein shake with anti oxidant blackberries fruit

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time

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  • 2 tbsp whey protein powder
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup soy milk
  • 1/2 cup low fat yoghurt
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  1. Blend first on high speed Ice cubes with 1/2 cup of soy milk and low fat yoghurt for a minute.
  2. Add fresh blackberries and 4 tbsp of vanilla whey protein
  3. Blend on high speed for about 2 minutes until you have a smooth shake


Use a blender for this recipe


Whole 30
gluten free
treenut free

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