Bread Crackers

Bread crackers

In our Bread Crackers archives are recipes about European bread baking. We have select regular bread which you can buy at the grocery store and other European bread. Every country have their own specialty of bread. Germany has alot of dark bread and these breads are big and round. In France they have French bread better known as baguettes and croissants. Croissants have a special type of dough which is close to puff pastry.

In this category we are also giving attention to crackers. Crackers are most of time time for breakfast or snacks. There are plain crackers and with seeds and herbs. In this category we will give more attention to Scandinavian crackers. These crackers fit well into a diet and are light with less calories. For more information or want to request a recipe, please contact us. Our recipe department will take care of your request and see if we can prepare this.

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