Christmas New years eve

Christmas New years eve

In our christmas New years eve archives, you can find our delicious recipes for The Holidays. During christmas we all make the best recipes for a special day. In our archives you can find baking, sauces and many other recipes for the holidays. Also we have fingerfood and other snacks for new years eve. Our fingerfood and snack recipes come from all over the world. Also we give our own recipes away what we bake during the holidays.

In the Netherlands we celebrate new years eve with alot of fingerfood and oliebollen. During the holidays you can see on every corner of the street baking parlors. They look like foodtrucks for holiday baking. They sell oliebollen (battered balls). They come with raisins, cranberries and cherries. We will provide you these recipes. Also there are apple beignets and apple pouches. These delicious holiday treats you can find in our holidays archives

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Christmas gingerbread stollen 5/5 (2)

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Cajun shrimp croquettes 5/5 (1)

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Crispy christmas wreath cookies 5/5 (1)

Dutch apple beignets

Authentic Dutch oliebollen

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Chocolate cream fudge 5/5 (1)

Speculoos Dutch butter cake

Smokey salmon deviled eggs

Merry christmas apple bars