Cookies Dough

Cookies Dough

In our Cookies Dough archives, you can find our best Cookies and Dough recipes. We have created our own Vienna dough recipe which is good for alot of fruit bars and apple pies. Also we bake alot of European cookies from famous pastry shops. And we have the best chocolate chip cookies with Barry Callebaut chocolates. You can find these cookies as well on our own menu lust. We bake these cookies with Hazelnut, Macadamia and Pecan.

Most of our cookie recipes are Dutch. The Netherlands has a rich history in baking cookies. Some are old and still famous today. In our blogs we will instruct you how to bake these cookies. There are also other European cookies which are famous for a long time. For European cookies, you need a digital scale. Baking recipes should be accurate and for our recipes you cannot use cups! When you have a digital scale, you can bake anything!

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