Pies Bars

Pies Bars

Our pies Bars is a category for our best apple pies and other pies and bars. We bake our apple pies with European pie crust and this recipe is online as well. Our party catering service bakes the best dutch apple pies and we do share our recipes. Some of our apple pie recipes come from my own family and we develope other pie recipes. We bake our apple pie with Jonagold apples, soaked raisins and Dutch apple pie spices.

During the years we have created our own apple pie spices. These spices are coming online in 2018. This is a mix of 5 spices with cinnamon. Our Pies Bars taste delicous with these spices. Our apple pie spices smells like Gingerbread mixed with Kardamon and orange zest. For more information about our pie and bars recipes, please contact us. Our catering and recipe development are happy to assist and advice you.

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