Dessert Ice cream

Dessert Ice cream

This is our Dessert Ice cream recipe category. We have all types of desserts for your dinner or high tea. We have Authentic Tiramisu recipe online with espresso coffee and Baileys liquor. Some desserts comes with cookies, creams or alcohol. You can also find the best apple pies. Our apple pies are Dutch and easy to make. Get your digital scale ready and you can make all desserts of choice.

 We also blog about ice creams and other dairy recipes. Italian ice cream is the mecca of ice creams with milk, fruits and spices. In the Spring and Summer months, we do upload more ice cream recipes. Golosita desserts are small cups desserts of bavarian or ice cream with fruits. These desserts are more popular when you have guests for dinner. We try to keep them simple and are easy to follow For more questions or request recipes, please contact us. Email
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