Dipping Sauces

Dipping Sauces

In our dipping Sauces category, you can find our best dipping, sauces and salad recipes. Our catering develop our own dip and sauces recipes. Also we recreate existing dip and sauces recipes. Our dip and sauces recipes are most of the time with mayonnaise and crème fraîche. We make our vinaigrette recipes with extra vierge olive oil and white wine vinegar. Our vinaigrettes are great with lettuce and croutons. Our dip, sauce and salads can also be a part of a new recipe blog.

 Besides all these dippings and sauces, we also do create salads .We make with lettuce and with potatoe. Our potatoe salads contains fish, meat or vegetarian with veggies. Our most famous potatoe salad is with smoked salmon and other smoked fish. During the holidays and easter holiday we do create alot of potatoe salads. See our menu, Pinterest or Google plus for recipes and inspiration. You can also email us at recipes@food-emporium.com

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