Hightea sandwich sweets

Hightea sandwich sweets

In our Hightea sandwich sweets category, you can find recipes for a afternoon hightea. We have a selection of hightea cookies which are great to start with. Our cookie recipes are coming from the United Kingdom and are popular. Some cookies are coming from other European countries and fit great for a hightea. Another sweet finger food are petit four and small pastry. For these recipes you need a scale instead of cups and teaspoons.

Our hightea sandwiche recipes are also delicious for lunch. We create great salads for sandwiches and deviled eggs. These recipes are also in other categories and you can use them for many occasions. For an afternoon high tea it is important to have good quality of tea. We advice Lipton or fresh leaves tea. For any advice for organising a hightea, please contact our recipe department. You can email is at recipes@food-emporium.com

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