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Chocolate cream fudge

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Chocolate cream fudge

This is my second fudge blog recipe and again about chocolate! Chocolate cream fudge is easy to make with heavy cream. Our other blog is with clotted cream. Heavy cream or whipped cream is available in every grocery store. Clotted cream is a typical English dairy product and not in every country available. Also when clotted cream is import, it is expensive too. When you prepare fudge with heavy cream, make sure it is 35% fat! 40% would be even better!

For this recipe, I have used a medium sized teflon pan, wooden spoon and a thermometer. Those are the 3 tools you can prepare fudge with. The most important thing I do with all recipes is measure and weigh the ingredients up front. With this I never forget an ingredient and it is accurate! I use my digital kitchen scale and I have a 500 ml measure cup as well. With these two tools I can measure anything.


Creamy chocolate fudge pieces

Creamy chocollate fudge


Melting chocolate

For preparing Chocolate cream fudge, I am using the best quality of chocolate chips. For this recipe I am using 150 grams of Barry Callebaut chocolate chips. I mix this with 75 grams of dark chocolate and 75 grams of milk chocolate. This is a perfect blend for many of my chocolate recipes. Right before valentines day, I will write a blog about Sachter torte. This is an Austrian chocolate cake with apricot jam and rum. For melting chocolate I am using chocolate chips in the microwave. A chocolate bar is possible too, only it takes longer to melt. The quick way of melting chocolate is with a microwave within 1 minute and 40 seconds!


Barry Callebaut chocolate cream fudge

Chocolate cream fudge


Starting the process

When I start with the fudge, I put all ingredients (except melted chocolate) in a teflon pan. I keep my cooking thermometer ready and cook the ingredients until I reach 116C/241F. This is boiling point for fudge. Actually it is 118C/245F for sugar, for fudge you can turn off the stove at 116C/241F. During the process stir this batch every other minute for a few seconds. When you keep stiring liquid fudge, it takes longer to reach 116C-241F. The sugar  is liquid and solved! Then you need to keep stiring with a wooden spoon for about 10 minutes. Turn off the stove and this will cool down fudge and becomes thicker!


Barry callebaut chocolate fudge pieces

Chocolate cream fudge pieces


When Chocolate cream fudge cooled off onto 60C/140F then it is time to mix melted chocolate until smooth. The only thing what you need is a baking tray (10 inches/25cm long) with parchment paper. Fill this tray with Chocolate cream fudge and let it cool off to room temperature. Then it is time to put chocolate fudge in the refrigerator for about 3 hours. Your fudge will be ready! Cut your fudge block in pieces on a plate and people will love this creamy chocolate fudge! Well, when you have questions about this recipe, please use the comment box below. Enjoy cooking Chocolate cream fudge.

Serves 6

Chocolate cream fudge

3 minPrep Time

20 minCook Time

23 minTotal Time

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  • 250 ml heavy cream 35% fat
  • 230 grams white caster sugar
  • 70 gram golden syrup or honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 75 grams dark chocolate chips
  • 75 grams milk chocolate chips
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  1. Use a medium teflon pan and put on medium fire all ingredients except chocolate chips. Use a thermometer in mix on occasionally until you reaches 116C/241F.
  2. Take the liquid fudge off the stove and start melting 150 chocolate chips until liquid. (easiest way is to microwave first 1 minute, then mix wiell with a spatula and microwave 2x 20 seconds and keep stiring afterwards until you have a smooth chocolate sauce.
  3. Mix the liquid fudge with a wooden spoon until the fudge cools off until 60C/140F. This is for about 10 minutes.
  4. When the fudge is cooled off until 60CF/140F, mix melted chocolate with fudge well until smooth! Cool this off for about 20 minutes.
  5. Use a baking tray (approx 10 inches/25cm and cover this with parchment paper. Pour the soft fudge on top of the parchment paper and let it cool off until room temperature.
  6. Fold the fudge to one side. Your fudge will be thicker and bigger! Keep the fudge in the refrigerator for about 3 hours and your fudge is ready!


Use a medium sized Teflon pan, ** Use a wooden spoon ** Use a digital thermometer *** Use kitchen towel for excessive chocolate fats. Absorbs this with kitchen towel on top of the fudge.
Chocolate cream fudge recipe                                                                                                                                                                                     Chocolate cream fudge recipe

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