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If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact Cookies Dough Emporium by email. Send your email to or use our contact form below. We will answer your question as soon as possible! Please be aware, our email deletes spam and in our comment section on our website.

Contact Cookies Dough Emporium by email

Please be advised, our E-mail addresses are strickly for our catering and blog recipes. All other incoming e-mail like offering us apps and SEO deals will be deleted!

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Party catering and lunch service

 Back in the days, I have started Cookies & Dough Emporium because I was catering birthdays. I have started with baking cookies, cakes and pastry. Now a days, I am running this business with 2 more people and we create party food. Our menu is still under construction on our website and soon our menu will work. We cater Cookies & dough, fingerfood, canapes, Snacks, foodies, meals and soulfood. We also arrange lunch service in the Amsterdam area. You can contact Cookies Dough Emporium at

Business opportunities

Besides party catering, lunch service and sharing recipes, we do create recipes. Our team develop and arrange food on menus for other businesses. Our team knows what is trendy and what popular foods are. We have helped other businesses to a succesfull menu list. In the future we will introduce our own line of spices and other products as well.  Our seasonings and spice line will come  in the future with hotsauces and food extracts. For more information, contact Cookies and Dough Emporium at

 Cookies and Dough Emporium on Social Media

Come join our team on social media! We do photograph our work as much as we can, and the better food photography ends up on our social media. You can connect with us on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and Google plus. Our Facebook page will be soon operating and all recipes are on our Google plus and Pinterest.  When you follow us by Twitter, we do send tweets about guest blogging. We promote your recipe blog on our website and promote your recipe. The recipe is still yours including pictures with logo. For more information, contact Cookies and Dough Emporium at We have a SEO expert in our team who can direct your foodblog with the keywords. The SEO of your blog will happen on our website.

Contact Cookies Dough Emporium

Contact Cookies Dough Emporium at