Dutch butter loaf cake

Dutch butter loaf cake

Dutch butter loaf cake

This cake is an old recipe, but a good recipe! Dutch butter loaf cake is a plain cake and spongy! Every grocery store or bakery sell a plain loaf cake. Also at funerals you see loaf cakes with coffee or tea. Most of the time when you buy this in the grocery store or bakery, this cake is dry! The better loaf cakes are coming from the pastry shops. They are spongy and fresh baked. This sponge cake recipe comes from the famous pastry shop in Amsterdam.

Retired pastry chef Cees Holtkamp made a video on You Tube about this cake. Only the measurments for this cake is a little small! So we doubled the measurement and add vanilla extract to the batter. In this cake blog, we take you step by step without having a collapsed sponge cake.


Dutch butter loaf cake
Fluffy loaf cake batter

Starting from scratch!

The way we work with our recipes is to collect and measure every ingredient first. For this Dutch butter loaf cake it is important to use soft butter. Most recipes you need butter on room temperature. This recipe needs soft butter (on room temperature) and half liquid. For this recipe we use 200 grams of unsalted butter on room temperature and then we microwave this 2 times 10 seconds. You will see your butter is half liquid. Set your timer straight on 3 minutes and beat on highspeed, butter and sugar.

As you can see, after 3 minutes butter and sugar become very creamy! Add some coarse salt and vanilla extract and continue to mix for about 30 seconds. the second part is to add 5 medium sized eggs to the batter. Make sure you mix 1 egg at the time until incorporated, than you can add the next egg to the batter. When you mix all 5 eggs like this, the mixing part comes to and end! The only thing you need is a spatula and a flour sifter.

Dutch butter loaf cake
Sponge cake batter
Dutch butter loaf cake
Loaf cake batter

Sifting flour

The last part of this Dutch butter loaf cake, needs a good stir up with a spatula. Mix first flour with baking powder in a bowl and then sift above the creamy batter. It is important you don’t see any lumps in your cake batter. When you bake this cake with lumps in your batter, you will see this back when you slice this cake. So sift first, then stir well with a spatula! Check the bottom of the bowl as well, because flour sink to the bottom and create lumps there!

Baking cake

Before you start sifting your flour for Dutch butter loaf cake, preheat your oven first. Preheat your oven on 320F or 150C. Use a 8 inch / 20 cm loaf baking pan and butter all sides and bottom. Then dust your loaf pan with flour. When you loaf pan is with cake batter, bake this cake in 40 minutes!

When your spong cake is ready, take this cake out of the oven and place a square sized flexible cutting mat on top. Flip the cake and let it cool off for about 20 to 30 minutes. You can remove the loaf pan easy and slice this cake or slice this when you are going to use it. This recipe isn’t difficult to make, but it is important to follow the steps. When you give this cake your own twist, your sponge loaf cake will collapse! If you have any questions about this recipe, please let us know! For more baking recipes, see us on Pinterest or Google plus.


Dutch butter loaf cake

Enjoy baking Dutch butter loaf cake! Whenever you decide to make this recipe, tag us or upload our picture on Pinterest.

Serves 8 slices of loaf cake

Dutch butter loaf cake

10 minPrep Time

40 minCook Time

50 minTotal Time

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  • RecipeIngredient
  • 200 grams white caster sugar
  • 1 tsp coarse salt
  • 5 eggs (medium on room temparature)
  • 200 grams flour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 200 gram butter (room temerature and see instructions in the blog)
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  1. RecipeInstructions
  2. Mix on highspeed 200 grams of butter, 200 grams white caster sugar, 1 tsp of coarse salt and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Mix for 3 minutes until creamy!
  3. Add 1 egg at the time until incorporated. Then you can add the next egg until all 5 eggs are used.
  4. Mix flour with 1 tbsp of baking powder. Mix well with a fork.
  5. Use a flour sifter and sift flour with baking powder with the creamy butter and sugar.
  6. Stop using the mixer and use a spatula. Mix cake flour with creamy butter until you have one smooth cake batter. Make sure you pull up the bottom of cake batter to avoid lumps.
  7. Use 8 inch loaf pan and brush with butter and dust with flour. Fill your loaf pan with cake batter and bake Dutch butter cake in a pre heated oven 320F or 150C in 40 minutes.
  8. After baking, use a flexiable cutting mat on top and flip your loaf pan upside down. Cool off you cake for about 20 to 30 minutes and you can easily remove your loaf pan.


Preheat oven before preparing ingredients Use all purpose flour or pastry flour Read blog for further instructions


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