Fraisier cake Grand Marnier

Fraisier cake Grand Marnier

Fraisier cake Grand Marnier

One of the most popular cakes from France is Fraisier cake Grand Marnier. The original recipe is with Kirch (Cherry liquor). I like more citrus flavor, so my recipe is with Grand Marnier. The most common Grand Marnier is their red label. This liquor type is with Cognac and orange. I work with their yellow label. This is with Tripple sec and orange. This brand has more flavors and colorful labels, only that is my new challenge to try them out for recipes.

For my recipe blog, I am going to take you into the history of this cake and I show you step by step how to prepare this cake. I have made this cake before for other people,  and the most common problem is when the cake colapse! With some acetate foil, and good crème de mousseline texture, this won’t happen! For this recipe, you need good quality of strawberries. Some will say, a strawberry is a strawberry, well what you need to know is they need to be big, dark color and tasteful. During my traveling, I have seen and taste plenty of strawberries with no flavor, being too hard or to soft!


Moscovian biscuit cake for Fraisier strawberry cake

Moscovian biscuit cake

To start with Fraisier cake Grand Marnier, I need to bake 7 inch/17,5cm round cake. This cake is not a regular cake. This is  a round shaped Moscovian cake and at the end I will cut the cake in half. This cake has a different structure inside than you might use to. That’s because this is a Moscovian cake. First I am preheating whisked eggs au bain marie with sugar. Then I am using my Kitchenaid standmixer and mix eggs/sugar with vanilla extract on highspeed. This takes about 4 to 5 minutes until it is light and foamy! In the meantime I am preheating my oven on 180C/350F.

The last part is to sift flour with cornstarch. I am using a flour sifter for this. Not a regular strainer or sifter. Flour sifter is extra fine. This is to avoid lumbs in the sponge cake. For this I am keeping my cake sifter above my bowl with foamy eggs batter and fold with a spatula. The fold process needs to be slow and I fold the bottom of the bowl until I see no more flour. When you make this recipe, please check the bottom of the bowl, because flour goes always to the bottom. When you don’t fold well, you will see this back after baking. Your sponge cake will show white big spots. When my cake batter is ready, then I will bake this in my adjustable cake ring for 15 minutes!


Cake syrup for Fraisier strawberry cake


Grand Marnier cake syrup

When my Moscovian sponge cake cooled off, I will cut my sponge cake in half (horizontal). I am still checking if there are no white spots on my sponge cake. If so, that means I didn’t fold my cake batter well. For the next step, I am still using my adjustable cake ring. Only I am going to make it wider to 8 inch/20cm. First I am using a baking tray and laying down my silicone baking mat. Right in the middle of the tray goes my cake ring and place one part of the cake in the middle! There is still space left near and around the cake ring. This is the space for my strawberries! Before I start with this, I am sponging Grand Marnier cake syrup with my brush. (Click on Grand Marnier image for recipe).

The original cake syrup for this recipe is Kirch syrup. This is cherry liquor. I prefer more citrus flavor, so I am using Grand Marnier tripple sec orange. The most common Grand Marnier is Cognac orange. This is the brand’s red label bottle! When I have filled my cake with strawberries and cream, I am sponging the other part of cake with syrup. Then I will push this cake part with sponge side down into the cream. When I push, I see more cream coming up near the empty space around the cake ring.


Creme de mousseline for Fraisier strawberry cake


Crème de mousseline with Grand Marnier flavor

In my Fraisier cake Grand Marnier recipe, I am using crème de mousseline! Now you might be thinking, what is that? French Pastry have a couple of creams and crème de mousseline is one of them. This cream contains light beaten butter with crème de pâtissière! In this case, I have flavored this cream with Grand Marnier liquor. Fraisier cake is a typical French cake and in Paris you can find this cake with several creams. There are so many pastry shops in town. One is making this cake with crème de mousseline and another shop uses crème de anglaise. Crème de anglaise contains crème de pâtissière with whipped cream and gelatine. Gelatine avoids cream from colapsing. Crème de mousseline has the same effect without whipped cream and gelatine.

I am using crème de mousseline when the bottom of the cake and strawberries are in position in the cake ring. Another important tip is to use acetate foil. This is cake foil to prevent your cake from colapsing and leak around the cake ring. Also when your cake is ready for use, you can remove your cake ring easy and without damaging your cake. Place this foil before you start filling your cake with strawberries and one part of the sponge cake!


Fraisier cake with strawberries and creme de mousseline


Finally almost done!

When I am finished with the acetate foil, cake, strawberries, there is one thing left. The top of the sponge cake needs cream too! For this I am using a spatula and as you can see in the picture, you don’t see sponge cake anymore! I am covering the top of the cake ring with plastic film and leave this cake in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours! When this cakes comes out of the refrigerator, the only thing what I have to do is cake decorating! For this cake I am using pink rolled fondant. For this I am using a rolling pin and cut this our with my adjustable cake ring (8 inch/20cm). This part comes on top of the Fraisier cake.



Fraisier cake with pink fondant on top


Decorating Fraisier cake

The last and final part is to decorate Fraisier cake Grand Marnier. There is already a round layer of rolled fondant on top. This can be pink or green color of choice. Decorate this on top with a few strawberries. You can also choose for a mixed combination of strawberries and raspberries as well. Chocolate is optional! For this you can use white or milk chocolate. When you google on Fraisier cake only, you see plenty of decorated Fraisier cakes. Sometimes it has marzipan flowers as well. Well you can find my full Fraisier cake Grand marnier recipe below. If you have a comment or want to ask something about my recipe blog, please use my comment box below.

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Piece of Fraisier cake wit creme de mousseline



Serves 8

Fraisier cake Grand Marnier

1 hr, 15 Prep Time

15 minCook Time

1 hr, 30 Total Time

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  • Ingredients Moscovian biscuit cake (Sponge cake)
  • 150 grams eggs (medium sized)
  • 90 grams extra fine granulated sugar
  • 75 grams pastry flour
  • 20 grams cornstarch
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Ingredients Crème de mousseline
  • 500 grams milk
  • 60 grams egg yolk
  • 125 grams extra fine granulated sugar
  • 50 grams cornstarch
  • 175 grams butter (on room temperature)
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp of vanilla sugar or add ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • Additional ingredients for decoration
  • 500 grams big sized strawberries
  • 8oz or small package of rolled fondant (pink or green color)
  • 150 grams white or milk chocolate (optional)
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  1. Directions Moscovian biscuit cake
  2. Use a thermometer and a deep stirfry pan. Whisk eggs and sugars until
  3. you reach 50 celsius/122 F. Sugar will be solved in eggs.
  4. Mix on high speed for about 4 to 5 minutes the warm eggs with 1 tsp vanilla extract. Mix until light and foamy!
  5. Use cake sifter and sift above the mixed eggs/sugar pastry flour and cornstarch. Fold the cake flour/cornstarch with a spatula until you see no more flour! Make sure you fold this from the bottom of the bowl as well. Flour sticks at the bottom of the bowl!
  6. Use and adjustable cake ring or a regular cake ring 7 inch/17.5 cm, silicone baking mat and baking tray. Put the silicone baking mat in the baking tray and put the cake ring in the middle and fill this with cake batter. Use a spatula on top to smooth the cake batter.
  7. Bake the Moscovian cake in 15 minutes in a preheated oven 180 celsius or 350 F.
  8. After baking, cool off this cake to room temperature! See preparing cake instruction when finished with crème de mousseline.
  9. Instructions crème de mousseline
  10. Preheat on low fire milk (do not boil!!!). Mix egg yolks at the same time for 2 minutes on high speed with sugars Add vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. Mix for another minute on high speed.
  11. Pour 25% of the warm milk to the egg yolk batch and mix for another minute on high speed. (egg yolks can adjust on the warm temperature)
  12. Use a medium size stainless steel pan and whisk the egg yolk with the other part of warm milk and cornstarch on low/medium fire until it thickens. (This is for about 4 minutes)
  13. When the crème de pâtissière is ready, put it on a flat plate to cool off to room temperature. Use plastic film to cover the cream. When crème de pâtissière has been cooled off, then you can start beating butter on high speed until it is light of color and smooth. (approx 4 minutes mixing)
  14. Before mixing creme de patissiere with butter, mix cream patissiere for a minute to losen up.
  15. Add crème de pâtissière (yellow cream on room temperature to the butter) and mix on high speed for another 4 minutes! (Use a hand mixer for this)
  16. Add 1 tsp of Grand Marnier liquor or other fruit liquor of choice and mix this on high speed for another minute.
  17. Now you have crème de mousseline! Put it in a large plastic piping bag and cut the bottom when you start using this. (Leave this in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes)
  18. Instructions cake ring
  19. When you use an adjustable cake ring, make sure your ring is 8 inch or 20 cm diameter. Put this on a baking tray with silicone baking mat in the middle. Use acetate foil and make sure your ring has been fully covered on the inside of the ring.
  20. Cut your Moscovian biscuit cake in half (horizontally) and place this cake in the middle of your cake ring. There is still space left because your cake is smaller than 8 inches wide.
  21. Use ½ tbsp of Grand marnier cake syrup and brush the yellow part of the cake.
  22. Cut 6 to 8 large strawberries in half (vertically) and place the berries on the site to the acetate foil, do this around the cake edges. Cut the left over strawberries in small cubes. These trawberries will be placed in the middle of the crème de mousseline (inside the cake)
  23. Cut your crème de mousseline piping bag at the bottom and push the open spots between the strawberries with cream. Spread more cream about the moscovian biscuit cake part and use a spatula to spread the crème de mousseline. Put on top strawberry cubes and cover this again with crème de mousseline.
  24. Brush the other Moscovian cake part with 1 ½ tbsp of cake syrup and push this gently with the yellow cake part down into the crème mousseline. When you push the cake part down into the creme de mousseline, you will see on the sides there is more crème de mousseline popping up!
  25. Use a spatula and spread the top of the Moscovian biscuit cake smooth!
  26. Your cake is ready for the refrigerator and put it in there for minimum of 3 hours. Crème de mousseline have enough time to adjust to the cake.
  27. After 3 hours, remove your cake ring gently and as you can see, the cake still have acetate foil around the cake. Leave it just the way it is!
  28. Use a rolling pin and dust this with confectioner sugar. Role out 8 oz rolled fondant. Use pink or green color! Use your 8 inch ring/ 20cm and cut out rolled fondant. Place this on top of the crème de mousseling and brush the white spots of confectioner sugar away with water. ( not too wet!!!!)
  29. Decorate your Fraisier cake with a couple of medium sized strawberries. Decorating with melted chocolate is optional. When you use chocolate, please melt 150 grams of chocolate and use a piping nozzle.


* Make sure you weigh all ingredients! European pastry is all about weighting ingredients! * For acetate cake foil, please google this where to buy. * Strawberries must have good quality, not old, damaged or frozen! Use Fresh medium to large sized strawberries. * The Original cake syrup for this French pastry recipe is Kirch This is cherry liquor. You can use other liquor of choice for this recipe. *For Fraisier cake decorating, please google on Fraisier cake and click on images. You see plenty of Fraisier cakes with their decorations. *Pastry cream (creme de patissiere) recipe is developed for this recipe. Don't use other recipes to combine. this will mess up your creme de mousseline. * For any questions, please contact us at


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