Asparagus salmon salad

Asparagus salmon salad

Asparagus salmon salad

Our catering service have salads on the menu list. Asparagus salmon salad is one of our favorite salads. This salad is seasonal because of the asparagus. For this potatoe salad we are using white Dutch asparagus and we have then in the spring time. Off season we have asparagus from Peru. When we have asparagus in stock, our catering will offer this salad online. For this salad we use our basic potatoe salad recipe mixed with asparagus and Southerner ham. For this salad we use our own French apple brandy dressing. When the salad is ready, then we garnish the salad with aspragus ham wraps and deviled eggs.

Our catering service prepare this salad on a large plate. This salad is good for 6 to 8 persons. For parties and events, we can prepare this salad in salad bowls or cups. For more information, please contact our catering service.


Asparagus salmon salad pin

Asparagus salmon salad with deviled eggs


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