Asparagus soup amuse

Asparagus soup amuse

Asparagus soup amuse

For cocktail hour we serve Asparagus soup amuse. We have asparagus soup in little amuse glasses. On top of the glass we sprinkle with grated paramasan cheese. We serve our soup with white asparagus and ham. Our soup is fresh made with on order. Please be aware, white Dutch asparagus are seasonal vegetables. We can serve this off season as well. In the winte months we are having asparagus from Peru. These are white asparagus.  For more information or orders, please contact our catering service.


Asparagus soup amuse pin1

Creamy asparagus soup amuses with Parmasan cheese and ham.


Asparagus soup amuses are service in plastic Amuses glasses. See more amuses, canapes and fingerfood on our menu.



  • Asparagus
  • Ham
  • Parmasan cheese

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