Bacalao fish sandwich

Lunch sandwich with bacalao fish, pickles and hotsauce

Bacalao fish sandwich

On our lunch menu, we serve Bacalao fish sandwich. For this sandwich we are using original bacalao fish from Portugal. We prepare this fish fresh with garlic, onions, tomatoes and parsley organic herbs. We cook this fish weekly fresh per batch and serve this on a fresh baked sandwich bun. This sandwich come with our freshmade pickles and hotsauce.

Please note, when we have stock, you can order this sandwich next day. When we don’t have stock, we need at least 2 days to prepare this fish! Hotsauce comes in a seperate cup. For more information, please contact our catering service.


Bacalao fish sandwich with pickles and Tobago hotsauce

Bacalao fish sandiwch with pickles and hotsauce


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