Buttercake almond cream

Buttercake almond cream

Buttercake almond cream

Buttercake almond cream is a cookie and a soft and chewy one! Our catering service bake this cookie in different flavors. The most common flavors are almond cream and paste, butter vanilla and stem ginger. Now a days we bake this cookie with Key lime, lemon, mango marzipan and with the holidays we have gingerbread. We bake buttercake always fresh on order and the traditional Dutch way! Buttercakes are popular in goodie bags and othe treat bags. For more information about this cookie or order, please contact us!


Buttercake almond cream pin

Buttercake almond cream frangipane


Typical Dutch and delicous!

The origin of this cookie is Dutch named Boterkoek! (Dutch buttercookie). We bake this cookie in a large size and after baking, this cookie comes in cubes. When you prefer a different size, please contact us!



  • Baking ingredients
  • Butter
  • Frangipane
  • GMO Free pastry flour

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