calvados apple dessert

calvados apple dessert

Calvados apple dessert

For special ocassions like the holidays or Easter, we create desserts with alcohol. Calvados apple dessert is one of them. We season our apples with lemon and speculoos spices for garnishing. At the bottom of this dessert we have almond cookies! We mix our cream and mixed raisins with Calvados liquor. On top we finish this dessert with speculoos apple, a cookie and caramel sauce. With this combination, you will have a special dessert for the holidays, Easter or wedding!

For this recipe we are using mixed raisins from Chile and we soak them in Calvados liquor. You can order this dessert for many occasions. Even high tea gatherings. We serve this recipe in a dessert cup. For high tea, we serve this dessert in an amuse cup. For more information about this dessert or order, please contact us. Our catering service are happy to assist you or taking your order.


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Calvados apple dessert with Amaretini cookie, soaked raisins and apple with speculoos seasoning.





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