Chicken veggie springrolls

Chicken veggie springrolls

Chicken veggie springrolls

Our catering service make the most delicious Chicken veggie springrolls. We steam our chicken first! Then we season and marinade chicken with our housemade marinade and spices! Then we select a variety of vegetables for our springrolls. Standard we are using Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and carrots. Sometimes we use seasonal vegetables for our springrolls. When we have our seasoned chicken and vegetables ready, then we stirfry everything! After we cool off our batch, then we use springroll wrappers and deepfry springrolls.

Chicken veggie springrolls pin

Steamed and marinaded chicken with vegetables springrolls


 Our springrolls come with sauce of choice! We have Sweet chili ginger sauce, Mucho habanero hotsauce or creamy Chili dip. Sweet chili ginger sauce is a mild spicy sauce with fresh ginger. Mucho habanero is a spicy hotsauce with garlic, onion vinigar and habanero! This hotsauce it as your own risk! Creamy chili dip is very soft! For more information about our springrolls please contact our catering service. (These are regular sized springrolls. We do have party fingerfood springrolls as well)

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  • Bean sprouts
  • cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Chicken
  • Garlic

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