Crispy fish fillets tartar sauce

Crispy fish fillets tartar sauce

Crispy fish fillets tartar sauce

On our menu we have crispy fish fillets tartar sauce. We deepfry our fish fillets with our special batter and seasoning. Crispy fish fillets come with Flemish style fries and creamy tartar sauce. We made our tartar sauce fresh with mayonnaise and creme fraiche. We mix this cream wit pickles, parmasan cheese and capers. The lemon juice and zest give the tartar sauce a fresh taste.


Crispy fish fillets tartar sauce pin

Crispy fish fillets with Flemish fries and tartar sauce Fish and chips


For this meal we are using fish fillets! We can service this meal with crispy cod fish or creole shrimps. Sometimes we can serve other fish for this meal. Our flemish fries are not all year around available as well. Our regular fries are Dutch homemade fries for this meal. These fries are crispy on the outside and floury inside. For more information about this meal or order, please contact our catering service.

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