Endive apple salad

Endive apple salad

Endive apple salad

Our Endive apple salad is one of our seasonal salads. Endives are not hole year around, so we have this salad on our menu during the season. This fresh vegetable salad is with apples, ham and Dutch May cheese. This is a very soft type of cheese made of the first batch of grasland cow milk. On top of our endive salad we serve this with tangerines and creamy deviled eggs.

We can serve Endive salad salad in salad cups or on plates. For more information about this salad and availability, please contact us.




Endive apple salad pin1

Creamy endive salad with ham, Dutch may cheese and deviled eggs.


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  • Apple
  • Enchive
  • Ham
  • May cheese (grass cheese)

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