Italian pomodoro tomatoe salad

Italian pomodoro tomatoe salad

Italian pomodoro tomatoe salad

In the summer months we have Italian pomodoro tomatoe salad on our menulist. Pomodoro tomatoes are sweet aroma tomatoes and good for a sideorder. Our tomato salad comes with red onions and fresh herbes. We mix our tomatoe salad with Lemon dressing. Which makes this salad fresh. For this dressing we are using olive oil and white wine vinegar with lemon and dijon mustard.

We can service this salad with Feta cheese and olives as well. Our salad comes with housestyle garlic butter and bread to dip. When you have questions or like to order, please contact us. We serve our salad fresh on order. Do you like to see more salads or potatoe salads, please click here.


Italian pomodoro tomatoe salad pin

Pomodoro tomatoe salad with Lemon vinaigrette.


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  • Dijon mustard
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Feta cheese
  • granulated sugar
  • Sea salt
  • tomatoe
  • White wine vinegar

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