Spanish serrano ham sandwich

Spanish Serrano ham sandwich

Spanish serrano ham sandwich

Spanish serrano ham sandwich is a bread bun with butter and Spanish dry cured ham. We don’have this type of ham daily in stock. That’s why our lunch service offer this sandwich certain days of the week. When you have a special order, we can make this sandwich. Please inform our catering service in advance for Spanish serrano ham sandwich! For more information please contact our lunch service at


Spanish Serrano ham sandwich pin

Serrano ham sandwich


Other sandwiches

  • Salchichon sausage sandwich
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Mini buns

Our lunch service have different type of bread. Our standard sandwiches are regular sized buns. On occassion we do have mini buns. When you prefer mini buns, please order in advance. When our service offers Serrano ham with our week offers. These sandwiches are standard size sandwiches.


  • Butter
  • Sandwich
  • Spanish Serrano dry cured ham

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