Spicy pulled chicken sandwich

Spicy pulled chicken sandwich

Spicy pulled chicken sandwich

For lunch we are serving fresh Spicy pulled chicken sandwich! We bake our sandwich baguettes daily fresh and served with pulled chicken! After we steam our chickenbreast, we marinade and season our pulled chicken. We use chicken marinade, 5 spice powder and our own Chinese seasoning. We stirfry our pulled chicken with peanut oil, fresh garlic and shallot onions.

For more information or order, please contact us! Our pulled chicken sandwich comes with sweet cucumbers and we have 2 types of hotsauce. Javan sambal or hot Tobago sauce.


Spicy pulled chicken sandwich pin

Pulled chicken sandwich with Indonesian marinade and spices. Served with sweet cucumbers and hotsauce.




  • Bun
  • Chicken
  • Kecap
  • Sandwich

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