Spicy shrimp po boy sandwich

spicy shrimp po boy sandwich

Spicy shrimp po boy sandwich

One of Louisiana’s famous sandwich is on our menulist. Spicy shrimp po boy sandwich. We bake our baguette bread fresh on order with spicy garlic shrimp. Po boy sandwiches are with spicy shrimp or crispy mussels. We start with fresh lettuce, tomatoe and pickles. On top of this we have stirfried shrimp with creole hotsauce. This sandwich comes with bourbon remoulade sauce as well.

We can serve this sandwich on request or will appear on our week menulist. When there are mussles available, we will offer shrimp and mussels. We fry our mussels crispy with seasoning for this sandwich. For more information about this sandwich or order, please contact our catering service.

Spicy shrimp po boy sandwich

Stonewall oven baked baguette with lettuce, tomatoe, pickles and spicy creole shrimp




  • Lettuce
  • Stonewall oven baguette
  • tomatoe

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