Authentic Dutch apple pie is our Grandma kitchen apple pie recipe. Baked with Vienna Dough European pie crust and filled with Jonagold apples. Our apple pie filling exist of mixed soaked raisins on Calvados spirits and apricot jam. Our recipe blog with instructions is online. Click on link for blog and recipe.
Coming soon on our menu! Fried rice vegetarian. This is our South American fried rice with crispy yuca, sweet bell peppers, corn fritter cookie and casava crackers.
King crab deviled eggs Coming soon! King crab deviled eggs with king crab salad on top. Stay tuned for our recipe!
This spiceful Indonesian layer cake is a piece of art work by Cloufood. You can follow her on Instagram for Indonesian and other Asian specialty food. @Cloufood
Ham patato salad is our flavorfull salad with creamy dressing avocado and grill ham. This side order is coming soon on our menu!
Roti masala chicken is on our menu. This menu moved with the Indian migration to the Caribbean and South America. Our Roti comes with chicken masala, spicy pumpkin, cabbage and asparagus beans. Hotsauces come in cups.
Our party cheese croquettes are delicious for any occasion. Birthday parties, wineries, party events or game night, with lime or any other dip, this snack always work!
The original Oeuf de Mayonnaise is coming soon online! French deviled eggs are the number one appetizers to order in any bar or restaurant in Paris, France.