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5 minutes


  • 220 ml Soy milk GMO free
  • 150 grams Frozen tropical fruits
  • 1 Banana
  • 8 Ice cubes
  • 3 tbsp Coconut cream or milk

Caribbean cream smoothie

For Caribbean cream smoothie you can use frozen fruits and soy milk. Also you can use almond milk for this recipe. For our smoothie recipes, we do use Gmo free soy or almond milk. For Tropical frozen fruits, you can check your local grocery store and look for the frozen section. In the summer months you will see more fresh and frozen tropical fruits like pineapple & guave. To make this smoothie more creamy, add only coconut cream or milk to it.

Make sure your blender is ready with some ice cubes. Within a minute your tropical smoothie will be ready! Please see our directions below for this recipe.


  1. Use a blender and 8 tot 10 ice cubes! Blend this on highspeed with soy or almond milk for about 2 minutes
  2. Add about 150 grams of frozen fruits to the batch and blend on highspeed.
  3. The last part is the banana and coconut cream. Mix these two ingredients until you have a smoothie.
  4. Serve this is a large glass with a straw. Decorate your glass with pineapple is optional for presentation.


Caribbean cream smoothie

Caribbean smoothie with coconut and tropical frozen fruits


For this recipe you can use all kinds of tropical fruits. Most of the time there are pineapple or mango. In the summer months there is more on sale! You can find all kinds of  tropical fruits. You can combine as much as you can. Guave or Passion fruits are great fruit for this recipe.  You can mix and match with frozen en fresh fruits as well. Bananas are available whole year around. Also you can add whey powder, granola or muesli to this shake.

We have more shake ideas for Caribbean cream smoothie on our Pinterest and Google plus. In time we will add more smoothies and shakes to our recipe index. When you have a question or want to make a comment about this recipe, please use our comment box below. Enjoy preparing Caribbean cream smoothie.

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