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20 minutes


  • 100 grams Hazelnuts (Without skin)
  • 80 grams Granulated sugar

Hazelnut praline recipe

Hazelnut praline recipe is a baking ingredient for baking cakes, pastries and cookies. In European ice cream parlors you see hazelnut praline as ice cream topping. The original name for this recipe is Nougatine or Bresilienne. I am using hazelnut praline for cakes and cookies most of the time. Because this recipe isn’t difficult to make, I am always having hazelnut praline in stock. For this recipe you can use a glass jar and it stay fresh for a few months. What you need for this recipe is a food processor or mini chopper, parchment paper and large frying pan. Make sure you use white hazelnuts (without skin). When you have hazelnuts with skin, you need to remove the skin first! See our recipe below.



  1. Pre heat 80 grams of sugar in a large frying pan until liquid.
  2. Use 100 grams hazelnuts without skin and lay them on a piece of parchment paper.
  3. Pour liquid sugar (caramel) on top of parchment paper and stick hazelnuts in the liquid part.
  4. After 15 minutes liquid becomes solid with hazelnuts. Break it in pieces and use a food processor.
  5. Mix on highspeed until this mix becomes hazelnut/caramel granulate.
  6. Your hazelnut praline is ready! Store hazelnut praline in a glass jar and is good for 3 months.


hazelnut praline recipe pin

Hazelnut praline. Granulated hazelnut with caramel


As you can see, this recipe isn’t difficult to make. That’s why I am making stock up front! Especially during the holidays and other events like birthdays. Most of our cakes and pastries contain Hazelnut praline recipe. If you have questions about this recipe or need advice, please use our comment box below. It would be nice if you can rate our recipe as well. Enjoy making Hazelnut praline recipe. See more of our baking examples on our Pinterest or Google + accounts. There you can find our recipe as well on social media.

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