5/5 (1)
5 minutes


  • 200 gram Almonds
  • 200 gram Granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp Lemonzest
  • 1/2 tsp Almond extract
  • 1 small Egg (Whisked, egg wash)

Homemade almond paste

One of the most important baking ingredient is Homemade almond paste. When you have white almonds with sugar and egg wash, you can bake alot of baking recipes. Christmas and easter stollen are most of the time with almond paste. Some cake and pastry recipes are with almond paste as well. When we have a recipe with almond paste in our archives, please check the links in the blog recipe. See our directions below.


  1. Mince on high speed almonds for about 3 minutes. (Until all almonds are minced)
  2. Add 200 gram confectioner sugar to the minced almonds and mince this with 50% of the egg wash
  3. Use 1 tsp of amond extract and 2 tsp of lemonzest and mince both ingredients until you see it becomes compact.
  4. Check if all almonds are smooth and minced. Add the other 50% of egg wash to the batch. When you see no lumbs in your batch, this means it is ready!
  5. Role the almond paste or cut it in half. Wrap 2 piles of almond paste and label this with the date of production.
  6. You can put this in the freezer for 3 months to the max. When you make this recipe a few days in advance and keep it refrigerated, Almond paste will taste the best.


Homemade almond paste pin1

Almond paste for baking recipes


As you can see, homemade almond paste isn’t difficult to prepare! There is one thing important. When you use egg wash, make sure your egg is medium sized. When you use a bigger egg, you will see, almond paste become more liquid and is difficult to bake with. That’s why when I prepare homemade almond paste., I add 1/3 at the time and mince. That’s how you can see when your almond paste has the right structure. When you have a question or want to make a comment, please use our comment box below. Enjoy preparing homemade almond paste. For more baking ingredient recipes or bakings, please see our Pinterest for more recipes.






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